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    Str?mgatan 18, Stockholm, Sweden
    (+46) 322.170.71

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    Come Zip the Falls and Gorge!
    across the Saint-John River in Grand Falls, New Brunswick

    With steep rocky cliff walls on either side, and the roar of the waterfall below,?a Zip Zag Ride is the best way to experience the raw majesty of the Gorge.

    Two years in the making, we have built a safe and amazing zipline. Officially opened since October of 2010, Zip Zag is proud to offer an exhilarating activity in Grand Falls.


    Twin Zips, both ways
    Commitment to safety

    All platforms have been “over engineered“ to handle the stress from the bles and environment. We use a ? inch ble with a tensile strength of 28,000 lbs (5 SUV’s) and a safe operating limit of 5,600 lbs (1 SUV). Our course is inspected daily with a top to bottom and across inspection by a third party monthly.

    How much does it cost?

    $50.00 + tax = $57.50 (D Dollars).?We also have senior and?group rates.

    What does this include?

    This includes 2 crossings, starting from the tower on the north side of the gorge by the bridge to the south side on Lovers Lane. The second crossing follows Van Morrel’s historic tight rope crossing from Lover’s Lane back to the north side of the falls next to the Malabeam Center.

    How Long Does it take?

    The whole tour, from gear on to gear off, takes between 1 to 1 ? hours.

    Who n go?

    It’s all about weight!!! Participants must be a minimum of 50 lbs (22.7kg)? up to a maximum of 250lbs (113kg) due to our braking system.

    IN 1904 Van Morrell showed us the way.

    A thirty-six year old native from Maine, Evangelist Van Joseph Morrell, wrote his name firmly into the history of Grand Falls, New Brunswick. He did so by walking a tightrope, crossing the falls with skill and daring. He is often remembered and his feat n be read about at his museum, where his balancing pole and one hook holding the wire n be seen. The museum is directly across the street from the tourist information bureau, Malobeam Centre.

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